Strange News: Lapdance Left Groom with Busted Bladder

A Pennsylvania man is suing a high-end strip club for 50 grand, claiming a stripper's stunt left him with a ruptured bladder and internal bleeding.

According to, Patrick Gallagher was taken to the Penthouse Club in Port Richmond by his friends, who wanted to show him a good time before his wedding. As part of the club's "Bachelor's Package," Gallagher was led to a stage, told to lie down, and watched as a dancer shimmied up a stripper pole above him. At that point, Gallagher's lawyer says, "from a great height, she launched herself down onto his abdomen." Injured from the impact, Gallagher and his friends left the club.

Pain sent him that evening to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a ruptured bladder that needed surgery to repair, as well as nerve damage in his back and hip. He's suing for 50 grand to cover hospital bills, as well as pain, humiliation and mental anguish, according to


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Image: Flickr/F3lony