Strange News: Security Company Training Experts for "Zombie Apocalypse"

At a security company's upcoming annual counter-terrorism summit in San Diego, security experts like former special operations warfighters, national security personnel, and other notables will learn how to combat a so-far unreal scenario: a zombie apocalypse.

The Military Times reports The HALO Corporation will take over San Diego's 44-acre Paradise Point resort for the last week of October and stage realistic scenarios like terrorist attacks and natural disasters in an effort to share knowledge among the thousand or so soldiers, law enforcement personnel, medics, and other security experts on hand.

However, one class in particular, "Zombie Apocalypse" -- modeled after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) recent tongue-in-cheek zombie survival memo of the same name -- is making headlines.

Participants in the zombie class are, "going to see a lot of stuff go down," promises the president of the HALO Corporation Brad Barker. Despite its fantastical premise, he vows the zombie scenario will help emergency responders in real-life emergencies, "deal with extreme medical situations when people can become 'crazed and violent,' triggering widespread panic."


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Image: flickr/Styleb