Strange News: Man Will Be Charged with Blowing Away Victim -- with Leaf Blower

A Memphis judge ruled last week that a man's decision to point a leaf blower at a woman may have constituted criminal assault against her.

According to The Commercial Appeal, the judge determined there was probable cause to charge Michael Bridgewater with simple assault in a July 5 altercation with Kelly Carraway after she complained that he was peppering her car with grass clippings, leaves, sticks and other debris while he worked.

According to a criminal complaint, when Carraway complained, Bridgewater approached and, "in an offensive and provocative manner, intentionally pointed the nozzle of the blower" at her and hitting the trigger. In court, Carraway said the blower, "caused grass clippings, dirt and landscaping/parking lot debris to make physical contact with [her face], and that she sought medical attention for respiratory problems as a result.


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Image: flickr/Instant Vantage