Last night's Grammy Awards showcased many of today's top musical acts, and even threw in a solid helping of seasoned veterans for good measure. While that blueprint helped lead to record viewership, it nevertheless failed to sway every demographic that tuned in. I couldn't help but balk at the reception of one performance in particular. After the ceremony's final performance, tweet upon tweet from scores of dumbfounded youth wondered in pained confusion, "Who is this geezer that closed the show?"

I'm putting my foot down. I've heard these kids before, but enough is enough. That man is a Beatle and his name is Paul McCartney, and in his native United Kingdom he is so well respected that it is necessary to address him as SIR, because the Queen knighted him a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

A bit of history: The Beatles were a pop band from England that grew up trying to copy American musicians like Elvis Presley and Little Richard. Paul McCartney and songwriting partner John Lennon had a devilishly good ear for making melodies and were even better at keeping lockstep in their vocal harmonies. As they grew, so did their music, which led to them continuously blowing the minds of their fans and followers.

However, to say they were just a meteoric band would be an understatement of epic proportions, and to truly document their impact on the world, let alone music, would take countless hours of documentaries, infographs and commentary- all which is readily available online. One would think that with the wealth of information to be found on the internet, kids would naturally do a little digging, but not so! If I could give the following lesson via a Clockwork Orange styled re-education I would gladly do so.

Below, five requisite songs from Sir Paul (Macca) McCartney and The Beatles.


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