Van Halen is set to make 2012 one hell of a year, as they've convened for their first new album since 1998's Van Halen III. This time they're back with A Different Kind of Truth, an album that features singer David Lee Roth in his first studio undertaking with the band since 1984, the high watermark that gave fans hits like "Jump" and "Hot For Teacher."

Additionally, it marks the first time the band has recorded as virtually a family band. With the addition of guitarist Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang on bass in 2006, the group has opted to keep everything but vocal duties under the family crest.

Van Halen's new single "Tattoo" has hit the web, and features a video showcasing the current lineup brandishing their new material onstage. Watch it now.


Van Halen - Tattoo from Van Halen on Vimeo.


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