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1958 - Elvis Presley set sail from a Brooklyn naval base to rendezvous with his army unit in Germany.

1968 - Steppenwolf earned their first gold record for "Born to be Wild."

1970 - The album Get Yer Ya Ya's Out was released by the Rolling Stones.

1973 - The ByrdsGram Parsons died of a drug overdose.

1974 - Max Weinberg began his tenure as the drummer in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.

1974 - Bad Company's self-titled debut album went gold.

1975 - Eric Clapton’s rendition of Bob Marley’s "I Shot The Sheriff" earned a gold record.

1981 - Simon and Garfunkel took to New York City where they recorded "The Concert in Central Park" for HBO.

1986 - Paul McCartney released Press To Play.

1997 - VH1 aired a live Storytellers for the first time, a 90 minute special featuring Elton John performing from New Orleans’ House of Blues.


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