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1972 - Danny Whitten, a singer/songwriter and member of Neil Young's band Crazy Horse, died in Los Angeles after suffering a heroin overdose.

1987 - Assuming the identity of a country-rock group called The Dalton Brothers, U2 opened for itself during a concert in Los Angeles.

1988 - Phil Collins made his film debut, starring in Buster.

1990 – The birth certificate of Paul McCartney sold for $18,000 at auction.

1995 - The Rolling Stones became the first group to broadcast a concert over the World Wide Web.

1996 - Metallica released the single "Mama Said."

1997 - John Denver's last recording, The Unplugged Collection, was released in America.

1997 - AC/DC’s five-CD boxed set Bonfire hit U.S. record stores.

2005 - Walk the Line, a film focusing on Johnny Cash’s early years, opened in theaters.



1960 Kim Wilde
1962 Kirk Hammett of Metallica

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